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Why not just be truthful?

Have been all around the web and running into comments/complaints from folks who are having issues with the search "enhancements" added with BT themes they download with their favorite teams,etc.

My observation: Why don't y'all quit dancing around the issue that the themes are simply a convenient incentive to place revenue creating search products in folks browsers? I was having serious issues with poor performance of my Chrome browser that typically are caused by extension issues ... amazingly, when I deleted the browser extension (named the same as my theme) that was installed with the theme ... every browser performance problem I was experiencing also left. Theme remains ... as extensions are NOT required for "a theme". It seems to me that if your search "product" causes such issues, you'd simply advise folks to delete the extension (aka browser search products). It would solve the issue and maintain goodwill. It's sure more direct than having folks stand on one leg and hop around for temporary relief.
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    Thanks for the note ebizguru.

    We try to be as upfront regarding how we monetize our products (http://brandthunder.com/see-similar). If there are technical issues with our Chrome product, we can address those - obviously, our products should not be impacting browser performance. We also provide settings to disable the enhancements (in Chrome, simply go the options link under the extension you are looking to modify).

    Of course, I would love to have our team of seven hard-working individuals make themes all day without monetizing them but I'm not sure that's a successful business model and someone going by "ebizguru" probably knows that better than me!

    I am open to ideas around monetization that would enable us to bring you incredible themes for your favorite schools, teams, musical artists, comics, etc while not inserting our passive (shopping, search) tools.

    Also, can you please expand on "I was having serious issues with poor performance of my Chrome browser that typically are caused by extension issues". This will help our engineers track down the bug.

    If your up for a chat, please skype me at pjmurphy77 or even call at 614 316 343 (six)

    thanks again
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