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where's the news ticker? it's just not huff without it!

no news ticker for huff post browser on my vista 64-bit desktop. how do I get it? it works on my 32 bit laptop but not my new desktop The news ticker is the heart of the browser; what's the point w/o it
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  • That's very strange. I can't imagine why 64 bit Windows would make a difference.

    Can you try something?

    Type about:config in your URL bar. Then click "I'll be careful, I promise"

    Now in the filter field, type "showInConsole"

    If you double click on this preference, it will change to true.

    What this is doing is making it so the Firefox Error Console give us more information than it normally does.

    Now select Tools->Error Console and see if there are any references in there to huffingtonpost or similar.

    Please post any you find.

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