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I’m overworked

what happened to all those pumpkins?

hi, i am having to install and reinstall windows xp for a good reason. yesterday before i had to reinstall it today, i had chosen a background that had many, many jack-o-lanterns in it, but today, i cannot find the 6 halloween desktop/backgrounds. what happened in 24 hours?

i think you will do very well, but i do not understand why there is no functionality NOW as opposed to YESTERDAY...

also, if you keep up with browser changes and provide a reliable highlighter so i can mark pages before i send links of them to a friend, i am sure everyone will LOVE you!

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  • Hi there, Unfortunately, we cannot save your jack-o-lanters if you re-isntall windows.

    Brand Thunder does not individually track users, so we cannot save your data if you format your hard drive.

    Here's why...
    when you re-install your windows os, you are probably reformatting your hard drive. When you do this, you lose all your data, unless you back it up.

    Firefox saves its data on the users hard drive, so if you want to save your firefox settings (which include canvas, and your backgrounds), you must back up your firefox directory.

    Please Refer to the following article on how to back up your profile data.
    You have to do this if you are going to reinstall windows.
    Backing up your information

    As for the highligher add-on, please go on mozilla addons and try searching for an add-on that provides this functionality. Currently Brand Thunder does not make such a feature for firefox.
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