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I’m confused,frusterated

what gives-where areyourthemes?N OT personas!!!

I can't seem to get your themes,like finding nemo-only the ersonas.I wwant!!!I ha ,XP RO.doyouhave a search engine?
latest FF
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  • I'll try to answer the question, but if I misunderstood it - let me know and I'll try again.

    Personas and themes are similar terms and in the Brand Thunder Gallery ( they are interchanged. You may see Persona or Interactive Persona, but they are all Brand Thunder browser themes in the Gallery.

    The Gallery does now have search. We do not have a relationship with Pixar and so do not offer a Finding Nemo theme. However, you may want to play with our free browser theme creator, BT:Engage ( and create your own personal theme.
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