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Tab Bar Offset to the Right Now

The tab bar has been moved farther to the right for Firefox, it only seems to show up for themes that have a picture under the menu bar/button so I assume it is somehow compensating for the picture (maybe the picture got bigger, maybe something in that picture's settings, maybe something has moved either the picture down or something below up, etc...?) - for example a sports teams logo that when clicked takes you to that teams website. Also, I use the tab bar above the website window and not at the top, so for a lot of people who use the newer tab bar at the very top of Firefox's window, it is probably not a problem and aren't affected by this change.

I assume that this is not intentional but in the off chance that it is, can there be an option to turn it off? Besides it "looking 'off'", it also wastes screen real estate.
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