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I’m really irritated.

New Tab blank and multiple windows appearing sometimes

New Tab malfunctioning. FoxFire Dupicate Tab or any new tab default URL value does not work now for some strange reason. When a new tab appears, there are default values in gray appearing in the URL address bar. This appears to be blocking an actual real URL and thus no website is rendered on the new tab.

Currently the URL area reads "Search Bookmarks and History". This setting comes from the Firefox Options, Privacy tab, Location Bar setting. If I select the "Nothing" option the words in the URL area read "Type a web address" on a new tab.

Whatever, the new tabs cannot be used by anything as it now stands. If I use the search bar to Google something, nothing happens, the search bar is dead. This is irritating to say the least.

Sometimes a new window will appear and a blank new tab when clicking on a link. This occurs even when I select single window mode where a 2nd Firefox window is absolutely not supposed to appear.

I am using the tree style add-on, but the tabs are simple relocated to the side, so this should not be a factor. I also use the Tab Mix Plus add-on but this has nothing to do with the grayed words being place into the URL address area.
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