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I’m frustrated

Need most all Brand Thunder themes and toolbars to share a line with other toolbars.

Neon lights Search bar and other theme toolbars to be good citizens in reserving screen space. I need the Neon Lights Search, with other toolbars I use, to be on the same line and not try to push other bars onto seperate lines, but allow them to stay on the same line. When selection "Lock the toolbars" is chosen, I should be able to close and reopen ie9 and have the toolbars stay in their last "locked" position. With the same size of shared space on a line if customized to be on the same line by the user. Without this I would not be able to use Brand Thunder themes. Neon lights, the first theme I tried is not allowing this. Typical bars I may want to share on same line. Roboform toolbar, bookmark bar, command bar, bing bar, etc.

Typically, I allow bookmark bar and commnd bar on the bottom line. Roboform knows how to share the Menu bar line or share with Bing bar (same line), just fine, but Neon Lights wants it's own double sized line. I conserve most of my screen space, rarely use status bar, and often full screen. In full screen, I want tabs and navitation top line, second line open for any toolbars which "share" space on same line correctly. The bottom line is the bookmark and command bar on same line. Three lines total. I hope this makes sense. Can you fix Neon lights or suggest a different theme for me? Any comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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  • This is a great suggestion and the detailed information you provided will help us figure out if there's a way we can address. I'm sure someone on our dev team will also comment.

    My initial thought is we may be unable to do this. Not from a technical standpoint, but from visually how the theme and toolbar are supposed to work together. Neon lights doesn't show this, but some of our client themes have graphical button and features that may prevent the overall flexibility we might like.

    For Neon Lights, you could right click and Hide the toolbar, which would help some. We'll have to see if there are other controls we can add that fit the range of themes we provide.
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