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I’m frustrated

My pictures only show up when I am using Firefox's Walnut theme. They will not show up on the Default or any other themes.

My pictures on Canvas only show up if I am using Firefox's 'Walnut' theme. The 'Default' theme does not allow the pictures to show up, nor do any other themes. So, I'm stuck with Walnut if I want to use Canvas.
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  • We're starting to see some collision points with other extensions. Most frequently if both Personas and Canvas are running they both try to sit in the same space and that causes problems. The unfortunate work around is to uninstall Personas. I'm not sure if this is the same thing with the Walnut theme, that somehow it's linked with Canvas and vying for the same resources.

    We are going back to the QA labs to do a deeper dive on why and where the conflicts are occurring. If you'd like to share the extensions you're running, that'd be a big help.

    Sorry you're encountering a problem.
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