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I’m very sad i can't get it to work

LFG Browser Problem Makes me Sad....

I tryed installing the LFG web brower, but it never works, i get no toolbar, no nothing, i've tried several times, and have not gotten anything so far. I've even reinstalled firefox, tryed running in compability with windows vista sp 2, nothing works. I am currently on a pc using windows 7 beta, and i have no other tool bar, applications, or anything installed. Whenever i try to install the toolbar, the download bar starts for a bit, then skips right to end, and then my browser restarts without any chances. I've tried to right click in the toolbar area, and it didn't work, cause the toolbar wasn't there. When i check the downloaded extensions, the LFG extention does not show up.

Think i gave enough details, if any more are needed, please tell me...

here are some screenshots :

i really like this browser, and it makes me really sad that it doesn't work.....and hope you find some way to make it work
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