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I’m frustrated

I can't switch to the traditional Christmas theme as listed in the pick a boom tutorial. Why does mine not give me the option to change between Christmas and Traditional Christmas themes?

When I click Pick a Boom under the B/T toolbar in the Christmas theme, it does not give me the option to switch to a traditional Christmas theme as listed in the tutorial. It gives me no option except the standard Christmas. I would like the lights and tree traditional christmas theme as listed, how do I get this?
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  • Jenni:

    You will get the option very soon, hopefully tomorrow. You've identified a glitch/oversight on our part. In preparation for the update to our Christmas theme, we updated the tutorial forgetting that the current live product would point to the same tutorial.

    Hopefully, you'll think of it as a sneak preview. :-) When we push the new version (I believe it's slated for tomorrow), you should get an "update" reminder from Firefox. Accept the update and you'll have the new option.

    Sorry for the confusion.
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