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how to remove the social network bar

its on the first page with a search bar,
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  • In Firefox, you can right click over the toolbar and uncheck it from the toolbar menu. That should turn it off until you decide to turn it back on (However, we have had a report of it returning on its own - which we can't replicate. If you run into that, please let us know. We need more cases so we can troubleshoot.)

    You can also click the Lightning Bolt icon next to the Search box and choose Settings. That will allow you to keep the toolbar but make it more useful to you with options to add/remove buttons.

    In Chrome, we don't yet have the ability to turn the toolbar off - but it's a request that's been coming in, so we're in the process of adding that feature. Probably a few weeks before that goes live.

    Please, let me know if I can be of further help.
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