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how do I install the custom theme I made?

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  • Here are a few suggestions, but if I miss something - please let me know.

    In the area where you built the theme, make sure you named your theme if your going to share it publicly. The default is "My Theme" in the Properties box, change it to be theme specific.

    Then, click the Finish button to complete the build of your theme. Once you click Finish, you'll be taken to a Sharing page. On the Sharing page, you'll see a button to Install Your Theme. Click that if you're in Firefox or Internet Explorer and you'll start the download process to install.

    You can also Publish to the Gallery, which is Brand Thunder's browser theme gallery. This lets you share your theme with the world!

    Any time you want to change your theme, you can go back to the Dashboard and hover over Actions and click the option to Modify. You can update your theme, click Finish and it'll republish the new version.

    I hope this helps!
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