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Habs theme has changed & not necessarily improved

I have the Montreal Canadiens theme. Yesterday, out of the blue, it changed. I suspect you pushed out an automatic update. But I'm not totally satisfied with this new look. First off, the logo in the upper left corner of the Firefox browser window changed from a really nice simple Habs logo to the new marketing thing the team has been using this year. It's words in this pattern:


With a small Habs logo beside the word DU. I rather liked the nice big Habs logo & would like to restore that. I suppose, though, that the team is funding this & they want their marketing thingy up there. OK. It has a CH, even though it's small, so I suppose I could learn to live with it. Still, I'd like the old one back. It goes well with the Habs logo I've used as a replacement for the graphic on the Windows Start Button in the lower left corner of my display.

But there's another issue that's a little more important. Used to be that the background behind the toolbars & browser tabs at the top of the browser window looked like a tight closeup of a portion of the team's home jersey. It was most pleasing to the eye. That is now just gone, replaced by . . . nothing. All the words & graphics in that area now look washed out, like reverse video images. It's a bit hard to read. I'd sure like that back.

Thanks for looking into this. I don't mind if you E-mail me a response at
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