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Firefox soccer theme not showing text as I type in search engine

I have the soccer theme for firefox. How do I get the search engine text to appear
I can not see text as I type it in search engine
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  • First, thanks for spotting this.

    Second, it'd be helpful to know your Operating System (OS X, Vista, XP, etc) and version of Firefox - this'll help our future test cycles.

    Third. Fudge! You're correct. I'm running OS X and it shows up very light gray text in the virtually white search box.

    This apparently isn't consistent across all instances, so any info you have will help us troubleshoot, though I am replicating the problem. Also, unfortunately, we'll have to spin a new build to fix :-( No timeline yet, though FF will automatically notify you when it's available.

    Good news if you're a soccer fan. We just announced our agreement with Major League Soccer and we'll have versions for all MLS teams coming soon, so you'll have other options for you to enjoy.

    Thanks for helping us improve our product!
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