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I’m frustrated

Doesn't take the idea far enough.


This service is a good idea, but it doesn’t go far enough. So far this isn’t really theme creation as much as it is adding a permanent ‘persona’ for a web browser with the addition of a logo. Personas are easy to make and something most people can do on their own with out the aid of a wizard. Although your service may be handy for start up businesses looking for something basic, I want more.

When I think of creating a theme, I think of being able to choose from a selection of drop down menu and tab styles, color schemes, fonts, being able to design your own scroll bar, and being able to change the opacity of the tabs and toolbar. I think being able to design and upload your own buttons (forward, back and home) would also be desirable.

Lastly, I don’t see any option for deleting my account. . . which I would like to be able to do since this service doesn’t offer nearly as much as I was hopping it would. Also you should think about having your some form of contact information available so your users can communicate with you. The last thing I wanted to do is create another account I’m not going to use. . .


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  • Bai:

    Thanks for the thought you put into this post. You're spot on in many areas. A few things, I'd disagree with only because of our experience in this space (uploading your own buttons doesn't offer the payoff you might think).

    We're definitely working to improve the experience and product. You should see a new version soon that'll address some UI issues in the product, but the feature set you're discussing will take longer - even though we wish that weren't the case.

    We released what we consider a "minimum viable product." The features in the product deliver the "essential" value of an interactive browser theme - and we still are trying to get that part right :-)

    Feel free to reach out to me via Twitter @kdwinnell. We can continue the dialogue and/or arrange a Skype call. Or, we can continue the thread here. I can review some of the product roadmap and thinking. Would be great to have more of your input if you're interested.

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