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I’m completely annoyed and ticked off

complete privacy violation

This is absurd in this day that you would give absolutely NO indication that you are installing this kind of software without my permission or my knowledge. I am very careful to not allow any extra violations of my privacy. However, I was not given a choice on this. I have deleted the extension but still I get your stupid web ads and cannot remove them from Chrome. I took the themes off completely so there is no icon for me to click on to remove this. I would think you would know better than to not allow people to not install this VERY INTRUSIVE software. I am completely disappointed and will let everyone I know to NOT trust you. However, I need to get this off my computer so please let me know how. Thank you.
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  • Sorry to see this note Dawn.. we try to do our best in terms of informing our users of how to personalize their themes (add options, turn off search and shopping enhancements) as well as making it ways to remove.

    We take privacy very seriously here and we capture to personal data or anything about your shopping, search, web behaviors at all...

    Here are links on how to set preferences (disable tools) as well as a link for all uninstall issues.

    Please, feel free to give me a call if you want to discuss. I am more than happy to chat..

    614 767 9069
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