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Bug in Theme?

why does the graffiti background only extend half way across my browser page?

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  • Not bug in the theme, a bug in the UI of our theme builder product. If you're the builder, you can correct this. If you downloaded the theme, not much we can do.

    This blog post discusses the situation in detail:

    Here's the long story:
    - Browser widths change based on a user's monitor resolution and if they have the browser maximized or not. There's no one single resolution.
    - In the theme builder, it's very complex to try and account for all these variables - so it's not been solved for yet.
    - We set the "preview" for 1280 pixels wide which accounts for more than half of users.
    - If you're resolution is wider than 1280, the theme designer had to plan for that by adding a background color, using a very wide image and/or fading the image so there's a smooth transition.

    I hope this helps.
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