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I’m disappointed.

BT's Pittsburgh Pirates Browser Theme "appears malicious" to my Norton A-V software.

My Norton Anti-Virus Software claims that BT's Pittsburgh Pirates Theme "appears malicious." This time I am using a Google Chrome browser. Does this theme work any better on Mozilla Firefox, than on Chrome? Patrick Murphy recommended Firefox or Chrome, over Microsoft Internet Explorer. Patrick, if your theme "appears malicious" on Google Chrome, do you think that I ought to download Mozilla Firefox? This notebook computer is a Lenovo B570. I would hope especially that an Ohio-made browser theme, might work on this computer.
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  • Hi Michael - yes, anything generated from Ohio does work but I just realized the developer on my team who built this is from Texas (THAT explains it ;-)

    I can answer your questions about the "this file appears malicious" dialogue, rest assured that you have nothing to worry about.

    In order to provide our users with the features that our themes offer (like the rich design on the new tab page for example), we have to modify some chrome preferences when the theme is installed. Unfortunately, Google Chrome has some limitations when it comes to developing extensions and their policies. Although this is well within the policies other platforms such as Internet Explorer and Firefox, today Google Chrome currently defaults to labeling extensions as 'malicious' if they change any of your preferences during the installation process.

    When installing on Chrome and you get that warning, simply follow the instructions on the screen (click the arrow next to the warning and acknowledge it). Things shoudl work form there.

    thanks Michael!
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