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BT Canvas not working

I am having problems installing Brand Thunder Canvas onto my Firefox browser. Up until 2/24/2011, it was working just fine but beginning 2/24, the toolbar literally disappeared and, despite frequent attempts at reinstalling the add-on, the toolbar does not appear and the add-on is not listed in the list of add-ons for my computer. I did not change any settings for my browser and there were no add-ons in the past few days.

Michael Kaply, Official Rep, replied 3 hours ago
The latest upgrade to Canvas switched the name to something called "Personas Interactive". Do you see that in your add-ons list?

It was designed to be invisible to the user, but something must have gone wrong.

What version of Firefox are you using?
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Kevin Dwinnell EMPLOYEE
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Kevin Dwinnell, Official Rep, replied 3 hours ago

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. There's a couple things that come to mind immediately. One is we've refreshed the add-on and the other is that the toolbar got accidentally turned off (which could be remembered even after reinstall).

First, Right-Click in the toolbar area. You should see options like Navigation toolbar, Canvas Toolbar and Bookmark toolbar. Make sure Canvas toolbar is selected. And if you don't see these options, you can also select View from the Menu Bar, then choose Toolbars and look there.

If Canvas was updated, you'll find Personas Interactive under the Extensions in your Add-ons Manager, then Canvas will be listed under Themes or Appearance. Personas Interactive is the new theme engine we developed to give you more control over your themes and improve our overall experience. If it wasn't updated, not sure why it's missing from the Add-ons Manager.

If it still doesn't work, let us know your version of Firefox and which OS you're on (Linux, Mac, Win).

Good luck

Is the previous version still available? I have both a laptop & desktop computer. The desktop has the old version, the laptop has the newly updated version. It is the updated version in the laptop that isn't working. The add-ons are respectively listed in the FF browsers in both computers. I have not updated the add-on in the desktop for fear of losing that one too. Desktop has Windows XP, laptop has Windows 7
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